Thu. Dec 8th, 2022

In the Bahamas, there are several requirements for a licensed appraiser. These include having a license from the government and obtaining the appropriate qualifications to perform appraisals. The Bahamas is home to multiple forms of real estate, and it has several governing bodies that have jurisdiction over appraisals. In addition, the Bahamas has a number of unique laws that govern real estate appraisals.

One such law specifically addresses foreign real estate appraisals. Whether these professionals are working for foreign companies or working independently, they must have the proper license from the Bahamas Real Estate Association. It is important to note that some foreign real estate appraisers are working in the country illegally and should be stopped immediately. In addition, there are many foreign realtors who have no license to do appraisals in The Bahamas.

The Bahamas Real Estate Association has a special committee for the appraisal process. The board includes members who have expertise in the local real estate market and who are familiar with the local market. The Bahamas Real Estate Association also has a designated appraiser. This board is made up of members who have completed training in real estate appraisal, including a senior certified valuer.

Jill Bullard has over seventeen years of experience in real estate appraisal and has obtained a diploma in professional appraisal skills. She has also worked as a financial manager. She has an exemplary track record and produces concise, accurate appraisal reports. She is a member of the Bahamas National Trust, Project REEF, and the Bahamas Kennel Club. bahamas appraisers She brings a thorough knowledge of the industry to each project she takes on, while putting her clients’ interests first.

Spencer White, a seasoned appraiser and Bahamas real estate agent, has been with Coldwell Banker for over 14 years. She has won several Coldwell Banker awards and has prepared appraisals for major banks and commercial and residential developers. She has also been a court-appointed expert witness in a number of cases.

Mario Carey, a leading Bahamian real estate professional, said: “If an appraiser is caught conducting appraisals in The Bahamas without a license, he should be fined and jailed. The Bahamas Real Estate Association is working to pass updated real estate laws that will increase the penalties for unauthorized activities.

Lorraine’s mother’s side of the family dates back to the earliest European settlers of the Bahamas. She has a family tree that includes traditional Bahamian surnames like Lowe, Kelly, and Roberts. The first Europeans to settle the Bahamas were the Eleutheran Adventurers.

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